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Pistotnik Law Offices sues former employee for fraud

WICHITA — Pistotnik Law Offices routinely files lawsuits, but this month it filed one on behalf of the firm.

The office has filed a civil suit in Sedgwick County District Court against former employee Vicki Olivarez and her husband, Severo Olivarez IV.

The suit alleges fraudulent and negligent acts by the two.

Vicki Olivarez was a bookkeeper for the firm from July 2002 to Sept. 4.

The suit claims that she forged checks — made out to both Olivarezes and for cash — from an unnamed trust account.

The lawsuit alleges that the forging began in July 2005 and continued until Vicki Olivarez's last day of employment.

Pistotnik's attorney, Dustin DeVaughn, declined to comment on the case.

Neither of the Olivarezes could be reached for comment.

Vicki Olivarez's attorney, Roger Sherwood, didn't return a call for comment.

Also named in the suit: Pro Siding, of which Severo Olivarez is a shareholder and officer; Buess CPA, Pistotnik's accountant; and Emprise Bank, which cashed the checks.