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Roberts lampooned for relationship with insurance industry

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., argued that a 72-hour delay between the Senate Finance Committee’s markup and vote on a health care reform bill was needed to give time for "the people that the providers have hired to keep up with all of the legislation that we pass around here, and the regulations that we pass around here, to say, 'Hey, wait a minute. Have you considered this?'" That's a reasonable suggestion, as lobbyists are an important part of the legislative process.But the Democratic National Committee produced an ad claiming Roberts' comments revealed how the GOP is protecting the health insurance industry. The "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central lampooned Roberts' "bold admission" that the delay is really about giving time for health care lobbyists to change the bill. Host Stephen Colbert congratulated Roberts for coming “out of the closet” about his committed relationship with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, noting the campaign donations Roberts has received from both groups. "I say, 'Good for you, sir," Colbert said of Roberts. "The truth shall set you free."