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Group seeks more eyes on police activity

Sunflower Community Action today plans to press City Manager Robert Layton and Police Chief Norman Williams to buy video cameras that would record police in action.

The group has pushed for dash cameras in cars for years. But this time, they’re asking the city to spend roughly $186,000 generated by drug busts to buy cameras that would mount on a police officer’s uniform. It’s a reaction to police saying that dash cameras only capture about a third of police officers’ interaction with the public.

In an e-mail, Layton told Sunflower that the city plans to release a report in October on the pilot dash camera program it started about a year ago. “Unfortunately, the cameras are taxing our data system and we need to find a way to store and index the information generated by the cameras,” Layton wrote.

Sunflower offered the following links to the on-person cameras:;jsessionid=080B6A8C38069976CA66E9F842F87895