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Alliance for Aviation's website features state-by-state general aviation economic impact data

Did you know that Kansas is home to 141 airports, 7,602 pilots and 6,500 aircraft? Or that the state’s aviation industry employs 32,000 and has a $7.1 billion economic impact?

That kind of information and more is available starting today on the Alliance for Aviation Across America’s Web site. The organization used a months-long survey of states to formulate the state-by-state database. Check it out here.

The project aims to educate the general public about the importance of general aviation, especially its importance to small towns and rural communities around the country, Selena Shilad, head of the Alliance, said in a conference call this morning.

On the call, Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer spoke about aviation’s importance to Wichita and the state and to scores of businesses who need it to do business.

“Transportation is part of doing business, no matter where you are in the world,” Brewer said. “In Business 101, they teach you that time is money.”