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Want to sue someone? Here's how

Today we’re launching a new feature on this site to help guide people through the sometimes daunting halls of justice.

If you click the “Court Guides” tab above, it will take you to this page, which provides links to various pages to help local residents navigate the court system.

Well, right now there’s one link, which takes you to a page on how to file a small claims lawsuit. These are suits where claims are less than $4,000 and filed by people who don’t have lawyers. This will give you a step-by-step guide on how to file a case and links for other resources, including the documents you need.

As time allows, I’ll add future pages on jury duty, diversion programs and other court processes.

I also will link to other resources around the web I find useful and reliable, so you don’t have to spend time searching them out yourself.

If you have an area or a part of the court system you’d like to see explained here, leave a comment, or send me ane-mail

I’d like to hear from judges, too. What is information you wish people had before they come to your courtroom?

The hope is to make this a resource you can use to help navigate the court system.