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Mayor Brewer and council "shocked and saddened" by Monday's shootings

Flags at Wichita City Hall and other city buildings have been lowered to half staff in honor of Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Etheridge, who was killed Monday.

"We're just really shocked and saddened by what has happened,” Mayor Carl Brewer said in an interview with The Eagle. "It has affected all of our law enforcement agencies."

Brewer said the city is providing counselors for police officers who were involved in the shootout and others who may be shaken by the violence.

"Every time they make a stop or enter a house, they don't know what's going to happen,” he said. “This demonstrated just how much risk there is.”

Brewer said the city council plans to issue a statement asking the community to embrace Etheridge’s family and pray for them.

"It's been years since we've seen something of this nature happen,” he said. “It's even more troubling that this is a young man in his 20s with a family."