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Things I've learned on fall vacation

Greetings from Portland, Maine.

The 30+hours driving over the past two days have offered the following lessons.

It’s OK to get lost in St. Louis if you find a station with $2.11 gasoline, the cheapest of the trip.

Pennsylvania, especially when the leaves are just starting to change on the mountains, is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. Seriously.

Driving a large, four-door, four-wheel-drive truck with Kansas tags kind of sticks out in bumper-to-bumper, 70 mph traffic of assorted small cars in major eastern cities.

Always check the scale on maps of eastern states. Some are pretty danged tiny. Towns a half-page apart on a big map may only  be as far apart as Wichita and El Dorado.

Never travel through New England without five or six gallons of assorted change to feed the toll booths.

Plan on averaging about 31.57 mph on any two-lane highway in the east. There are small towns about every five miles and no shortage of drivers.

After days of driving 17 and 14 hours the five hours on the third day seems like a short trip. That’s how far we are from the hunting lodge in extreme northeast Maine.

Moose season opens Monday!