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New poker room is a Flop on purpose

WICHITA — For a city that doesn't allow traditional card gambling, Wichita certainly has a lot of poker playing going on.

Flop, a new poker room, is opening at Kellogg Crossing near Kellogg and Tyler early next month.

"As soon as I get my liquor license," says Chad Inslee, who is opening the business with Chris Theis.

They'll offer free Texas hold 'em tournaments from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily except for Sundays.

On Sundays, hours are from noon to midnight, and there will be washerboard tournaments for money.

"It's a big college game," Inslee says.

Players try to throw washers into a ring on a board.

"It's a game of skill," Inslee says of how he can offer the game for money.

There will be prizes for the poker games, including a trip to Vegas for the 7:30 p.m. nightly game.

"We're just going to be selling beer to make our money," Inslee says.

There will be a full bar and some finger food.

Flop, which is named for a Texas hold 'em term and for flopping washers, has 5,800 square feet.

Inslee hopes to be open by Oct. 9.