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Read the Air Force's draft tanker proposal

If you have a huge cup of coffee and the time, you can read the Air Force’s Draft Request for Proposal document for its next aerial refueling tanker. The Air Force released the document today. You can read it here.

Your reading of it may not understandably be as thorough as the one Boeing and Northrop Grumman will do. Both are locked in a fierce competition to supply the Air Force’s next aerial refueler.

Boeing said today its next step is to perform a detailed review of the proposal.

“We want to understand how requirements will be defined and prioritized and how the proposals will be evaluated,” the company said today. It then will decide which plane to offer the Air Force — or whether to offer both the 767 and the larger 777.

On second thought, if you’re reading the entire document, maybe you better put on a pot of coffee.