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Merril Teller has a new KWCH, Channel 12, schedule

WICHITA — If you've noticed Merril Teller isn't on KWCH, Channel 12, newscasts as often as he used to be, you're right.

"It's kind of a flip-flop schedule," the chief meteorologist says. "Some days I'm doing 6-10, some days I'm doing 5-9."

That's 9 p.m. for the Fox Kansas "News at Nine."

"It was a management decision," Teller says.

But Teller won't say what was behind the decision.

"I can't answer that. You'd have to talk to Chad."

News director Chad Cross didn't return calls to comment.

The 57-year-old Teller has been at the station for 28 years.

Once, when the No. 1 station was in third place and a consultant recommended wholesale changes, the station told Teller he was no longer needed. Viewer response helped him keep his job.

He says he's OK with the latest changes.

"I'm fine. I'm getting older," he says.

"It's part of life — having changes."