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U.S. Airways to leave the Wichita market

WICHITA — U.S. Airways will no longer fly out of Wichita as of Nov. 1.

Spokeswoman Valerie Wunder says "sustained unprofitability" is the reason.

"Wichita has been unprofitable for a number of years for U.S. Airways," she says.

Wunder is unsure how long U.S. Airways has been in the market, but she says it's been "quite a while."

The airline offers two flights a day to Phoenix.

Wunder isn't sure when Wichita became unprofitable for the company or if it was ever profitable.

"I don't have how far back it's been, but it's been fairly consistent recently," Wunder says.

The airline isn't announcing any other canceled markets at this time.

Wunder won't say if the airline will reconsider Wichita at some point.

"I really don't want to speculate on that."