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Blake Jablonski: Best Guy Ever

By Jeffrey Lutz

I’m hoping the hyperbole in the blog title brought several new readers to this blog. Maybe folks who, like me, just realized Blake Jablonski is the greatest living high school athlete of all-time. More hyperbole. More readers.

OK, now to be serious. Maybe some of you remember my affinity for Adonis Gantt, the former Southeast basketball player. By the way, Adonis, if you’re reading this: I hope you got my letters.

Adonis graduated two years ago, though. I can’t keep living in the past. It’s high time to find a new high school athlete to hyperbolize. I don’t think that’s a word, by the way. But that new high school athlete, if you have missed the first part of this entry, is Blake Jablonski.

Whereas my Gantt love came from admiration, it’s a different story with Jablonski. I admire him, yes, but this is a story of envy. He’s 6-foot-2. He drains tons of three-pointers for Collegiate’s basketball team. And now, he’s battling what’s-his-name from Bishop Carroll as the best quarterback named Blake in the history of Kansas.

MORE hyperbole.

If Jablonski is also a switch-hitting catcher or something, well, then he has a fan for life and I won’t be looking for a new guy after he graduates. He’s just fun to watch. He has a pure jump shot and rarely misses. That much I knew before tonight, when I went to cover Collegiate’s game against Hesston.

Now I know Jablonski can sling it, too. He had a school-record 317 passing yards in the Spartans’ 34-7 win. He hit four different receivers for touchdowns. He had 242 yards and all those touchdowns in the first half. He also ran for a score.

As reporters who work on deadline, we root for fast games so we can have plenty of time to write. I was dreading the game tonight because I knew Collegiate passes a lot and thought I might be there for awhile. But I forgot about that because I wanted to continue to see how good the Jablonski-led Collegiate offense was.

The answer? Very good. Even better when running back Tyler Coughenour returns from his ankle injury. Now, Jablonski isn’t as good as Blake Bell. But he’s just as dangerous because he has three receivers 6-foot-2 or taller, including the 6-6 Tre Bailey. Makes Jablonski’s job way easier. Those receivers are good at running after the catch, too, so Jablonski’s yards added up in a hurry.

That’s all the gushing about Jablonski for now. But just wait ’til basketball season.