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Buffalo Meat Is Tough To Eat

By Jeffrey Lutz

Thanks to Northwest coach Weston Schartz for the blog-title line.

We high school writers don’t really get to know teams very well because we have to cover all of them. And I say “we” as in Jonathan and Joanna. I’m not on their level. Yeah, we can talk to people and look at scores and all that, but as far as true on-field progress, it’s hard to really get to know a team because we don’t see them enough.

That said, I’ve seen Southeast play the Thursday night City League game two weeks in a row, so maybe I’m starting to figure this team out a little bit. Actually, maybe not. How much can one really take from a 37-6 win over West on Thursday? Southeast was supposed to win that game, right?

I will say, however, that the Buffaloes did look better this week than last, when they were upset by South (which was beaten by West). They used Joseph Randle in better formations, allowing the star running back to run vertically — up and down the field instead of side-to-side. He rushed for 195 yards tonight; 134 of that on two long TD runs.

I just think Southeast has to figure out what it’s going to be. I don’t know that it should take until Week 3 to discover that Randle is at his best when he has some blocking. Or that quarterback Jeremiah Plowden has a strong arm and you can afford to throw the ball downfield — the Buffaloes have pretty good receivers, too. If they can find a balance — and an identity — on offense, the Buffaloes can still be dangerous.

Maybe it was because they knew they were expected to win. Maybe it’s just because that’s how they play the game. But Southeast doesn’t play with a ton of emotion. That’s not a criticism as much as it is an observation. If we find out that the lack of emotion is hindering performance, then we can delve into that topic a little bit. But for now we’re leaving it in observation status.

The City League gets one game on the radio per week and one night — Thursday — in which it has the spotlight all to itself in the area. We need better Thursday games! I know, the first two were good: Northwest-Kapaun and Southeast-South. But they didn’t look as good on paper, at least until we found out that Kapaun is pretty darn good. Here are the rest of the Thursday games:

East-South 9/24Heights-North 10/1North-Southeast 10/8Bishop Carroll-West 10/15Northwest-North 10/22South-Northwest 10/29

Not exactly games everyone is clamoring to see, right? I like that we’re giving every team a chance (or three) to play the Thursday game, but save one of your very, very best games for the Thursday slot occasionally. There are five pretty viable teams in the league, though the jury is still out on Southeast. Having two of those teams play on Thursdays could be an event, not just a game we’re having because we don’t have enough fields. Don’t you think? If I’m wrong on this one, let me know.

Note to Joanna: I forgot how to do the “read the rest of this entry” thing. Leave me a note on the comments with this information so you won’t have to do it for me again!

Goodnight, football fans.