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Crossroads is still open, but not for lunch

WICHITA — Construction has forced Tomey Shabshab to close his Crossroads Bistro and Steakhouse for lunch.

"We still have the best food, but it doesn't pay to open up and pay $300 worth of labor and sell $200 worth of food," he says.

Crossroads, which is in the former Angelo's space at 1930 S. Oliver, is now open only for dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

"We were doing really well," says Shabshab, who opened the restaurant late last year.

Then, he says, the "Wichita city welcoming committee" showed up. That's his name for the construction crews working on Oliver.

Shabshab isn't sure when the construction will be done.

He says it seems the crews get close to finishing in one spot, but then "they quit working on it and move onto someplace else."