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XC: W2W4

By Taylor Eldridge

I just now noticed that the title of this post looks kind of weird. Lots of letters and numbers. Could be confusing to some, but to clarify this is a weekly primer on what to look for later today and on Saturday.

Real quick before we begin, this was just too funny not to post. I guess it’s been all over the national news. If you haven’t checked out Wichita’s latest claim to fame, then you can do so here. Hilarious. So now we’re known for our 5-star athletes (Brown Bros., Blake Bell, Perry Ellis) and our weird stories (chalk this one up with the woman getting stuck on the toilet seat). Awesome.

But I digress. Onward and upward to previewing this week’s cross country meets. As always, feel free to shoot an e-mail my way at if you have any comments, story ides, suggestions or insults. Away we go.