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One of the last of the traveling big tops

Eagle photographers have our share of daily assignments from other departments in our newsroom, but we are also encouraged to develop our own self-assignments: those photo stories we think could be of interest to our readers and also be interesting to photograph.

Circo Osorio was a self-assignment.

A nice thing about self-assignments, particularly of the feature variety, is that we can approach them any way we like. We can allow the story to unfold and respond accordingly. We can make every effort to create something of value, or we have the freedom to fail. Color or black and white? Stills, video or a combination of the two? All options are on the table.

Due to unfortunate timing, there wasn’t much chance of this particular story making the newspaper because of tight space, a very tight deadline, and I was photographing the final performance before the circus left town.

Although it was the last of a four-day show, I still thought it would make interesting photographs plus allow me to polish my Espanol.

A big part of our work for the Wichita Eagle is to give our readers information about the goings-on in Wichita that they may not know about. We have the honor of showing our readers things they may have missed or may have not noticed.

Circo Osario gave Wichita residents a taste of one of the last traveling big tops with Latino performers and acrobats.

See the video:

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for his music, Netherworld Shanty.