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Black turf crisis over

The black (actually dark, dark brown with black pieces) turf at Eck Stadium was removed on Tuesday. AstroTurf crews will install a lighter brown turf soon in order to get WSU through fall practices.

By spring, the basepaths and some areas around the batter’s box will be a contrasting shade of brown from the infield border.

I took a close look at outfield turf this morning as the crews were putting down the black rubber infill and grooming the turf. It does caputure the look of grass. The outfield blends well into the natural grass on the outfield hill. It’s not grass, but I think skeptical fans will be pleasantly surprised at how it looks.

We will see how it plays. The people working on the turf are confident it will give WSU a good surface with little maintenance. They can adjust the infill to control how fast the surface plays.