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Modern-Day June attracts Paula Deen

WICHITA — Juliann Mathews, who calls herself "an executive wife for hire," is landing on Paula Deen’s Web site "all through the wonders of Twitter."

Mathews owns Modern-Day June Homemaking Services, through which she offers shopping, home organization and private chef services.

"You need a wife? I'm your gal," she says.

She joined Twitter in January and started following a couple of people who work for Deen, the Southern cooking star.

They liked her avatar — an Internet picture that represents a person — which at the time showed a plate of whoopie pies.

"I can’t make any promises, but I think it would behoove you to send down enough whoopie pies to feed Paula Deen's film crew," one of the workers told her.

The thought was maybe Mathews could land on Deen's show. That didn't happen.

"Which is just as fine because they probably would have been beeping out every other word," Mathews says. "I'm a little bit saucy."

And she loves Deen and worried she might just start having too much raucous fun with her.

But the whoopie pies were a hit, and now Mathews' peppermint crunch whoopie pie is going to be featured on Deen's Web site in December.

Wichita photographer Linda Gregory shot several pictures, including what Mathews calls a glamor shot, in which Mathews shows how to make whoopie pies.

Mathews also has been invited to write a story about passing down a family KitchenAid mixer to her daughter.

Mathews says she never would have been in contact with Deen's staff without Twitter.

"Twitter's opened up my whole world."