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MVC schedules ready for inspection

Northern Iowa and Evansville released their schedules on Monday to give us all 10 MVC members.

WSU AD Eric Sexton is confident the CBE Classic will fill the Nov. 18 date on the Shocker schedule with an adequate opponent. It will be interesting to see who the Gazelle Group can come up with. At this point, it is possible for WSU to get the short end of the stick from an RPI standpoint.  Iowa plays Duquesne (No. 75 RPI in 2009) and Texas-San Antonio (185), both picked in third in their conference or division. Texas gets Cal-Irvine (237) and Western Carolina (189). Western is the preseason favorite in its division of the Southern Conference. Pitt plays Binghamton (88), picked second in the America East, and Eastern Kentucky (173). WSU is stuck with Farleigh Dickinson (314) and a mystery guest. At this point, the schools who least need decent RPI games are in better shape than the Shockers. WSU already has four 300-plus RPI opponents. It doesn’t need another bottom-feeder.Sexton also said WSU and Tulsa are talking future games. It’s been a crime these two aren’t playing. Anchor this game on a Saturday in December and play it every season in the city’s downtown arenas.MVC schools are guaranteed 16 games against BCS schools (with more possible in tournaments). Five are on MVC courts. Five are on the road. Six are on neutral courts. WSU, UNI and Bradley each are assured three. Creighton has two, with a reasonable chance at two more in the Old Spice Classic. UNI could also add more depending on how the Paradise Jam breaks. SIU, Evansville and Illinois State are not playing BCS opponents.