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Wilson now playing the victim

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., wants to have it both ways. He issued a statement last week saying that his yelling "You lie!" at President Obama was "inappropriate." But then he let it be known that he issued the apology because House GOP leaders told him to, and he has been happy to receive campaign donations from people who applauded his outburst. Over the weekend, Wilson tried to play the victim, refusing to apologize to the House for violating its rules of conduct. "The American people are fed up with the political games in Washington," he said in a statement.Meanwhile, columnist Michael Kinsley noted the foolishness of House members for demanding that Wilson apologize. "The more times he is required to write 'I will not call the president a liar' on a special blackboard set up in the well of the House, the bigger hero he will become to a large chunk of the population," Kinsley wrote. "And, of course, forcing him to grovel will not help to convince him or his supporters that the president is not a liar."