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And I was just getting to know you....

I was only introduce to French photographer Willy Ronis just this year by my emergency backup daughter Marijana Rayl, who is destined to be a top curator for an international art museum with a French, or at least foreign, sounding name.

Mari gave me a book of his photographs and I was enthralled.

Ronis died Saturday after 99 years years of productivity as a draftsman, musician and photographer.

“Ronis, along with friend Robert Doisneau and photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson, were among France’s great photographers who emerged after World War II. The three along with two other photographers [Izis and Brassai] were honored as early as 1953 by the Museum of Modern Art in New York,” reads an AP article posted Sunday.

I liked this:

“I never took a mean photo,” Ronis said in an interview with The Associated Press in 2005. ”I never wanted to make people look ridiculous. I always had a lot of respect for the people I photographed.”