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Live Blog: K-State at ULL, Pregame

LAFAYETTE, La. — Well, so much for preparing for the heat. A steady drizzle has knocked the temperatures down considerably, and it feels like Kansas here at Cajun Field. Only a little more humid.

The field is artificial, so I don’t expect the conditions to be bothered much by some water. Throwing the ball should not be a problem.

Both teams are warming up as we speak, but not many fans have made their way in yet. Probably because they’re all out tailgating.

I walked through the parking lot a bit earlier to meet an old friend of mine and must say the atmosphere out there is pretty good. Saw some fried gator, some gumbo and all kinds of seafood. Drinks as well.

And before my next update, I promised ULL fan Joseph Abraham I’d give him a shout out on here. He knows a lot about this team, and says the Ragin’ Cajuns really needed some hot weather to help them out against the Wildcats.

“In 95 degree weather, I would have given us the edge,” he said. “But now, Kansas State will probably win.”

So K-State fans have got that going for them.