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More basketball at Shocker Madness

In a world where playgrounds, restaurants and stuffed teddy bear stores are expected to distract fans from sports at stadiums, here is something refreshing: WSU is adding more basketball to Shocker Madness.

The men’s team will scrimmage for 30 minutes on Oct. 17. That’s is 10 minutes more than in previous years. I think a good number of fans will be in favor of more basketball and less of the showbiz stuff that has become a part of these types of events.

Ten minutes is a small thing. I think fans will appreciate it. For many, it’s a long break from March to November without any basketball. Some of the hard-core fans can watch a few pickup games or individual drills. Most don’t get any look at the Shockers for about seven months. Shocker Madness is their first chance to preview the new team and it’s a glimpse and not much more. A few times over the years, WSU also added a full scrimmage to give fans a taste (I think the last one occurred in 2002 as sort of a dry run at the Kansas Coliseum).

Public scrimmages can be a pain for coaches. Many would rather use that time for serious practice. The ones who show up on Oct. 17 at Koch Arena will probably be thrilled to get an extra 10 minutes to check our their team. The women’s team will also scrimmage, although probably not for quite as long.

You can participate in a fund-raising walk for the American Cancer Society wtih WSU coaches before Shocker Madness.