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Smilecraftsman to open on South Hydraulic

WICHITA — It's probably not the easiest thing to work for someone else after owning your own business for almost two decades.

Mike Snowbarger learned that.

Snowbarger was a dentist in the McPherson area for 18 years before joining Dental Corner in Wichita four years ago.

He moved here because "I had a whole bunch of grandkids in town."

Next month, he's opening his own place again.

He'll open Smilecraftsman at 1405 S. Hydraulic.

"We're going to keep it small," Snowbarger says of his 1,200-square-foot space.

Snowbarger will offer teeth whitening, special finance plans, low-cost arches and a no-cavity guarantee for children.

He's looking forward to working for himself again.

"The thing I like about dentistry in the first place is you've go so much flexibility."