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ALEX KUHLMANWe’re calling this the first Roll Call of the year — even though it isn’t quite a full version yet because we don’t have our whole KCAC schedule going, but soon enough. And the studs we do have coming out to play … well they’re tearing it up.

Let’s dive right in:


FOOTBALL: Our Kansas schools cleaned up in the football POW awards, with new Pittsburg State quarterback John McCoy grabbing offensive honors, All-American safety Alex Kuhlman doing it on the defensive side and … DRUMROLL PLEASE … my man C.J. Lovett doing it again on special teams for Fort Hays State. Thoughts? Kuhlman always delivers. Seriously. Dude figures out a way to make plays. McCoy looks good but I’d like to see him under fire before I anoint him the second coming. Lovett? Let’s just hope FHSU hasn’t won the majority of its games for the season already. That would be sad. And redundant.BRIANNE BONERVOLLEYBALL: This happened last year, too, with Emporia State. You think you’ve got all their stars figured out … and then BOOM somebody else steps up. Testament to recruiting, right? Well our latest out-of-nowhere stud is 6-foot junior outside hitter Brianna Boner, who is the MIAA hitter of the week after leading the No. 3-ranked Hornets with 49 kills and 15 blocks at a weekend tournament. And do you remember Ting Liu? The reigning MIAA player of the year had 162 assists over that same weekend to take setter of the week honors. ESU is no joke.

And — let me cut this one off at the pass — I will NOT be posting any pictures of Hannah Carter on this blog anymore. Her eligibility’s up, freaks. Stop cyber-stalking homegirl.

So RC is short this week, but it was also sweet. That’s a good thing.


PS. I think this movie looks pretty sweet