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XC: Weekend Update

by Taylor Eldridge

As part of (week)daily series profiling the area’s cross country, Monday’s will be dedicated to Weekend Update. Sadly, there will be no Jimmy Fallon, or Tina Fey. Or even Amy Poehler. But I will include a funny political joke for good taste. And by the way, does anyone watch Jimmy now that he has his own show? He’s getting better…

But I digress. There are more important things at hand, which include reviewing this last week in races. To start the season off, we had the Clearwater Invitational on Thursday and the results here. Then on Saturday we had a full slate of meets, which can be viewed here. Full results can be viewed at our lovely kiosk – aptly named Cross Country Central – here.

So click the jump for the roundup featuring analysis and plenty of coach’s thoughts. But not before you get your joke I promised. This was from Craig Ferguson.

“Jenna Bush was hired as a correspondent for the ‘Today’ show. People are wondering if her dad was a factor in her getting the job. If he was, it looks like she overcame it and got the job anyway.”