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Liking Petraeus in '12

Among the new names surfacing as potential GOP presidential nominees in 2012 is that of Gen. David Petraeus (in photo), who now heads U.S. Central Command. "I'd like to see Gen. Petraeus warm up," former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole told Politico. "I don't know anything about his politics, whether he has an interest. It's kind of a time for another Eisenhower, in my view." Others newly mentioned include MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker. "Several GOP candidates are coming to the view that the way to run against Obama is not to out-Obama Obama with flash or sizzle," said Dan Senor, a Bush administration veteran. "They want to go in the opposite direction: smart, back-to-basics, competence."