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So they said

"Reagan used to tell me as the Republican leader, you know, 'I want everything in this bill.' Then he'd whisper to me, 'Well, give me 70 or 80 percent and I'll be happy.'" — Former Sen. Bob Dole (in photo), urging President Obama to take charge and present his own health reform bill

"He sticks his head out. I did a lot of that." — Former U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett, endorsing Rep. Todd Tiahrt for U.S. Senate

"Lawyers don't typically receive training on how to be nice to people." — Kim Parker, Sedgwick County's chief deputy district attorney, on prosecutors' strong advocacy in child-welfare cases

"The Democrats have unfettered power in Washington. My opinion is not needed." — Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, to a KU student who questioned Republicans' willingness to compromise on health reform

"I'll be the first to admit that this administration inherited a mess." — Jenkins again, on Republicans' spending when they were in charge