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2009 Cross Country

by teldridge

T-El’s note: If anyone is curious, I am spending the whole week with the Maize South High School football team leading up to their first game. I will be talking to coaches, players and parents and be writing a big feature story kind of Friday Night Lights-ish for Sunday’s newspaper. If you would like to follow my week with the team, I will be updating my Twitter constantly. Click my name above to follow.

For those in search of cross country talk, no need to be restless – the coverage is on the way. My two preview stories – over El Dorado’s Molly Milbourn’s return from mono and Northwest’s Daniel Herbert and Robbie Martinez-Garcia unique rivalry – will be running in Friday’s paper along with other City League and area preview blurbs.

As exciting as I know that is, please settle down, because that isn’t even the news here. Now you can get excited because everyone’s favorite running sport will be getting a bump in coverage this fall – or at least that is the plan.