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Anytime Fitness to open in Park City

WICHITA — Rod and Becky Watson are opening their second Anytime Fitness in the greater Wichita area, this time in Park City.

"There appears to be a growing area that could use us," Rod Watson says.

The new site will open at 1615 E. 61st Street in October.

The Watsons already have a location at 1812 S. Seneca, which they opened last year.

Their landlord there had space in Park City, too.

"And we started looking at the growth of Park City," Rod Watson says.

The Anytime Fitness franchise is growing in the Wichita area, too. There are three in Wichita, one in Newton and one in Augusta.

The Watsons' new site will be about 3,500 square feet, which is an average size for the national chain.

Their South Seneca store is larger, with 4,700 square feet.

Watson says in addition to offering cardio workouts and strength training, Anytime Fitness allows its members 24-hour access to its facilities.

"That's a huge feature of it."