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So they said

"If Gary Sherrer runs for governor, I'll run for lieutenant governor." — Kansas Board of Regents chairwoman Jill Docking, kidding (we think) during a visit with former Lt. Gov. Sherrer to The Eagle

"I think you better calm down this argument between the mayor and us." — Sedgwick County Commissioner Gwen Welshimer, to The Eagle, on the city-county confusion over a July 29 meeting

"We need taxes to support their protests." — Rep. Dale Swenson, D-Wichita, about how Friday's anti-tax tea party was held at the county-owned and taxpayer-supported Sedgwick County Park

"I'm on socialized medicine. It's called Medicare. I never have to wait, I choose my own doctors, and I get excellent care. Why should younger people be denied the same thing?" — Dodge City school board president Dan Reichenborn, to Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., at a town meeting last week