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Down To The Wire

It’s the penultimate day of the regular season. And since it the only day of the season on which I can use “penultimate” I figured I should give the two or three die-hard Wingnuts and J. Lutz fans who read this blog something to chew on as we enter the playoffs. To give you all an idea of the mood, the setting, the feel for this blog entry, Pure Prairie League’s Amie is playing in the background (I know every song). Probably too loud, actually. I’ll probably turn it off soon. But I’m coming from a peaceful, mellow place as I write this. Just know that.

We’ve gone through 186 games in Wingnuts history without ever, NOT ONCE!!! seeing Grand Prairie play a game at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. And what happens when the AirHogs (or is it Air Hogs? Airhogs? Nobody really knows) finally get here? A) They don’t bring a radio guy. Imagine my disappointment. I’ve witnessed every other radio guy come into Wichita — from the cool (Sioux City, Pensacola, Sioux Falls) to the boring (El Paso) to the one I don’t remember (Fort Worth) to the one who now does Sioux City games (Shreveport) to the one who called me a homer (St. Paul) to the one who took four press box hamburgers, meaning others could not eat (unnamed — you figure it out).

But no radio guy for Grand Prairie. And B) also a disappointing showing for the AirHogs’ offense. They came into the game leading the American Association in runs by a wide margin but couldn’t even manage a single run against Adam Cowart and two Wichita relievers. I’m an unbiased reporter, of course, but you can’t tell me a guy with 100 RBIs in 93 games (Cesar Nicoals) is coming to town and not expect me to not want to see what he’s got. It would be disappointing if he didn’t bring his best to Wichita. Last night he was 1 for 4, so I guess the jury is still out.

The Wingnuts are as loose as ever, laughing through their batting practice session earlier. I don’t imagine it will be totally that way when the playoffs begin next week, but why wouldn’t they be laughing now? They’re already in the postseason, they’ve got the best overall record in the league, they’re in first place in the second half and the teams behind them, St. Paul and Lincoln, are feeling all the pressure. Meanwhile, Wichita goes into the postseason peaking (won five in a row). Maybe it’s better to play some pressure-packed games late, though. Who knows?

Wichita also held its fantasy draft after the game against Lincoln on Wednesday night. I’m trying to remember all who participated — Hooper, Robertson, Mileham, Savage, Thompson, Porter, Thompson…that’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. Oh, Blasi and Muich. So I’m leaving one out — there were 10. Hooper got the first pick (obviously) and took Adrian Peterson (obviously). Now he just worked out a trade for Larry Fitzgerald, so that’s a good 1-2 punch. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term “fantasy football” I think of armor-wearing warriors slaying dragons on a chalked 100-yard field. Maybe I’m mixing my metaphors there.

Anyway, I could get into the playoff scenarios, but the Wingnuts are already in and they start on the road on Tuesday. Who they play is to be determined, but all that will be squared away in two days, at the most. Then we can talk about it, or not. Have a nice little Saturday, everyone (maybe go to Home Depot?) and I’ll be around again soon.