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Mexicanal debuts on KCTU, Channel 43.2 today

WICHITA — KCTU, Channel 43, is having a bit of program shuffling due to the addition of a new Hispanic network.

Mexicanal debuts at 5 p.m. today.

"It's all local programming from all over Mexico," says KCTU's R.J. Dickens.

The network will be on Channel 43.2.

Sports programming that had been on that channel is moving to 43.3. Movies will stay at 43.4.

"It's a great concept," Dickens says of Mexicanal. "We're the ninth market in the country to get it."

Dickens says more than 65 percent of the Hispanic community in Wichita comes from Mexico, so Mexicanal is ideal for showcasing programs that former residents remember.

"It gives them a chance to show their children and their grandchildren what home is like."