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Brownback announces Sedgwick County steering committee for governor bid

A Sedgwick County steering committee for Sen. Sam Brownback’s 2010 run for governor includes aviation leaders, other business leaders and a number of public officials.

Members of the committee: John and Kristen Clevenger; Ron and Kendra Cornejo; Tom and Myra Devlin; Claudio and Beth Ferraro; Chuck and Susie Grier; Bill Hanna; Andy Hutton; Mark Hutton; Joe Johnson; Mark Kahrs; Jeff Longwell, Wichita City Council; state Sen. Carolyn McGinn; state Sen. Ty Masterson; Mike Michaelis; Clark Nelson, Andover City Council; Gerry and Priscilla O’Shaughnessy; Jack and Rose Pelton; Jack Ritchie; Jon and Lauren Rolph; Matt and Mercy Schlapp; Hugh and Beth Tappan; Jeff and Rhonda Turner; Sedgwick County Commissioner Dave Unruh; state Rep. Jason Watkins; Nestor Weigand; Mike and Therese Wescott

The committee will be overseen by Wichita City Councilwoman Sue Schlapp, co-chair for Brownback’s campaign.