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Wichita fake-out claims another

WICHITA — Check out this ranking by another national organization, this time U.S. News and World Report. Wichita, top 10 in the nation, for jobs — Hah!

Every few years Wichita sucks in a bunch of people who put together those national rankings. They sit in some office in Washington or New York and look at employment rates around the country and what kind of money people make, etc. and Wichita looks damn good. What they don’t fully grasp is that our economy goes up and down about a year after the nation as a whole. If they looked at numbers even 6 months old, Wichita still looks OK. Today, with 9.9 percent unemployment, Wichita doesn’t look so hot.

On the other hand, when Wichita shows up 230th out of 250 on the 2011 list, don’t feel bad about the Peerless Princess of the Plains. Our time is coming.