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Kansans gain help from Oklahoman in push for EPA to buy out Treece

Three Kansas Congress members have enlisted a powerful ally and identified what they think might be a source of money to buy out the contaminated community of Treece.

Kansas Republican Sens. Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback and Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, have dispatched a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson asking for $3 million for a Treece buyout from funds being returned to EPA from a Washington state cleanup site.

The three have teamed up before to try to get Jackson to approve a buyout for Treece. The newest letter also carries the signature of Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., the ranking minority member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

As chairman of the committee when the Senate was under Republican control, Inhofe pushed through legislation authorizing the buyout of Picher, Okla., which is just across the state line from Treece and shares the same environmental hazards.