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Need state tax instructions? Next year, look online

TOPEKA – The Department of Revenue is not going to be printing instruction tax booklets for next year to help save money.

"People can get the instructions and everything else off our website, we are only printing the (tax) forms,” Kansas Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon told the House Appropriations Committee on Monday.

In prior years, the printed booklets of the instructions were available at Post Offices, libraries and other public areas. The department is also going to sell the tax forms to accountants.

People who have been filing via mail last year will get a printed form in the mail. Those that file taxes for a living will have to pay for the forms, she said.

The moves are intended to encourage people to move online when filing taxes, she said.

“We need to condition the public to quit sending us so much paper,” Wagnon said.

By saving money on printing and postage she hope to divert more money to collector positions.