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I'm here ... Now let's get started

Greetings everyone, Kellis Robinett here.

I'm your new Kansas State beat writer and K-Stated blog aficionado.

Today is my first day on the job, and I can't wait to get started. Covering the Wildcats and writing for their extremely loyal fan base (you) is an opportunity I've always wanted to have. I'm pumped I get the chance to do it.

But seeing as how you've been without KSU updates for about a month now, I'm not going to force an introductory piece on you.

I guess if you really want to know about my background I'll put something in after the jump. Otherwise, stay tuned for as many posts as you can handle. One thing you should probably know about me is that I blog a lot. I also twitter. Feel free to follow along for even better coverage.

But right now, with the Wildcats' season opener just two weeks away, it's time to dive into K-State football – hard. So let's get started. (more…)