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Against government insurance but for Medicare?

After listening to mostly older participants at Rep. Jerry Moran's town hall meeting in Hillsboro last week complain that the country was headed down the road to socialism, 73-year-old Pat Ketchum asked how many of them were willing to give up their Medicare or Social Security "so they would not be considered socialists." No hands were raised, KHI News Service reported. She also asked why it was so bad for government to involve itself in health reform yet OK for insurance companies to make as much money as they can. A man in the audience answered, "An insurance company is a private entity. The government is not" — which prompted applause. After the meeting, Ketchum said one man thanked her for her comments but a couple of women laid into her. "They said they weren't socialists because they'd paid their taxes, and socialism is when you take from the rich and give to people who sit around all day," Ketchum said.