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Video of the tornado that struck Minneapolis

Denise Isaac of WeatherNation in Excelsior, a Twin Cities suburb, alerted me to this video of the tornado that struck Minneapolis yesterday.

A storm damage survey team from the National Weather Service was still working its way along the damage path today, and no Fujita rating had been assigned as of early afternoon.

However, the agency’s Web site posted this description of the track: “It was a tornado which touched down in south Minneapolis, initially near East 53rd and Park Avenues. The tornado then moved north from that location toward downtown, and lifted near the Minneapolis Convention Center. The most intense damage was found along and near Portland Ave between East 45th St and 43rd St. Numerous trees were downed in this area, with damage to a number of homes as well.”

You may be wondering why I’m sharing information about a tornado that hits in Minnesota. It’s another piece of evidence that dispels the myth that tornadoes won’t hit the downtown area of a major metropolitan city.