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From McCarthyism to Palinism

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen indicts the vast majority of Republicans for failing to call former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on her "death panel" lie and other distortions, which he says are helping turn health care reform into "the Red Menace of our day." Cohen writes: "Sadly, the list of the meek includes Palin's Geppetto, Sen. John McCain, who fashioned her out of political desperation and has yet to whittle her down to size. In an update of the folk tale, I'd like to think that whenever he praises Palin, his own nose grows." Cohen concludes that Palin "has gone from a 57 percent favorable rating soon after McCain picked her as his running mate to a current 39 percent — a negative landslide of justifiable proportions. Before she fades into fringedom, she will do one bad and one good thing — hurt the very people she supposedly champions and expose the appalling opportunism of the Republican leaders. I have in my hand a list of their names."

Meanwhile, Palin captured 20 percent  in a new Marist poll about potential GOP presidential nominees for 2012, compared with Mitt Romney’s 21 percent and Mike Huckabee’s 19 percent.