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Avon Beauty Center to open on North Rock Road

WICHITA — After six months of being an "Avon lady," Lacey Beard is opening an Avon Beauty Center behind Jimmie's Diner on North Rock Road.

She's unlikely to lose the moniker, though.

"It's an ongoing joke in my family," Beard says.

Family is how she initially became interested in selling Avon products.

"I can remember reading the catalog at my grandma's kitchen table," Beard says.

She's enjoyed selling Avon, but Beard wanted to make more money.

"Selling to friends and family wasn't going to quite cut it," she says.

Beard decided to open a store because the start-up costs were reasonable, and she thinks Avon products sell well.

The store will open Aug. 25.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the transaction.

Another Avon store opened at Lexington Square at Maple and Maize Road last year, but Beard says hers will be a little different.

"It's more boutiquey," she says. "That's kind of the goal that I'm aiming for."