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Don't squeeze life out of private sector

Kansas City Star columnist E. Thomas McClanahan thinks President Obama's era already looks a lot like Jimmy Carter's. He wrote: "As in the Carter years, both political branches — White House and Congress — are now dominated by Democrats from the left wing of the party. As Michael Barone wrote in 'Our Country,' liberals from this tradition are inclined to seek 'economic redistribution by always asking more' — without worrying too much about whether they might be approaching the point at which 'the public sector would start to squeeze the life out of the private sector.'"More voters are saying, in effect: That point is fast approaching. That, in a nutshell, is what the 'national conversation' is currently about. That's what the tea parties are about. That's why angry people are crowding town hall meetings, shouting 'read the bill!' at their elected representatives."Many legitimately fear that if not stopped, Obama and the Democratic Congress will take this country well beyond the point where the public sector starts to 'squeeze the life' out of the economy."