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VK Open discussion (8-14)

by joanna

On Thursday I interviewed Blake Bell for a future story, found a new favorite player to talk to (Carroll’s Timmy Chadd). I also made stops at two football fields. I went to Carroll for a photo shoot for Bell and watched him throwing to receivers. The field is still gorgeous (assistant coach Dusty Trail said that shortly after the turf was finished, there was a steady stream of visitors checking out the field. While I was there, about 5 people came to check it out.).

Since I was over there, I drove up to Northwest to see the field. The Grizzlies were getting close to starting a conditioning session on the also gorgeous artificial turf. Seriously, it’s going to be wonderful watching games on that.

Will these artificial turf fields get you out to more games? Have you seen any of them? Do you care? Are you a grass-only person?