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Thursday at the NBC

Anchorage 4, Conejo 3 - bottom third

Anchorage 4, Conejo 1 - top third. The Glacier Pilots continue to score a lot of runs. They may be the best best to come out of the 1-loss teams to win the NBC. A single by No. 9 hitter Michael Miller got the big inning started, driving in two runs.

Conejo 1, Anchorage 0 - A home run by Ryan Delgado gives the Oaks the lead in the second inning. He has three home runs in the NBC, most of any player.

In my mind, this is the best night of the tournament. We’re down to six teams. The pretenders are gone. The teams that remain are usually good. Three games, which means there is an abundance of baseball, yet not too much. The goal is in sight.

We start with Anchorage vs. Conejo. Let’s hope tonight’s game are solid defensively. Wednesday night was, in some cases, embarrassing.