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Wichita-based Nu-Tek creates cockpit for the "Wichita" film

WICHITA — Nu-Tek, a Wichita company that repairs aircraft instruments and restores simulators, is involved with the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie that has the working title "Wichita."

"One of the reasons why we really wanted to take is on is because, well, of the title," says owner Steve Cannaby.

Nu-Tek has been hired to create a glass cockpit and an interactive panel featuring lights to make it look like a working cockpit.

"They're doing a action scene in a . . . 727 cockpit," Cannaby says. "There's some sort of a, like, shoot-out or something that's supposed to happen in the cockpit."

He says producers want as much high-tech gadgetry as possible, but money is a factor.

"We've already experienced some of the budget-cutting stuff and how tight things are," Cannaby says.

He'll be flying to Boston in a couple of weeks for some preliminary work and then flying back to help rehearse and shoot the scene in the cockpit.

"It's kind of exciting, but going into this thing we can tell . . . that the real glamour and the glitter and the glory and the money, all that other stuff, that's on the other end," Cannaby says. "We're in the trenches. There's a lot of pressure."

He's learning a lot, though.

"I've been able to take a peek at the script, but it doesn't mean anything because it changes on a daily basis," Cannaby says. "This thing just morphs as it keeps going."

He says people associated with the film "think it's kind of cool that we're bringing this stuff in from Wichita.”

He's not sure why Wichita is the tentative title, though.

"You got me."