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Hesston College offers Air Traffic Control training

If you have aspirations of becoming an air traffic controller, you may want to check out Hesston College’s new course.

The college’s aviation department is offering a  course  this semester called Air Traffic Basics I.  The aim is to help meet a growing need for air traffic controller specialists as current controllers reach mandatory retirement at 56 years of age, the college says.  ( Wait a minute!  You mean I could retire at 56? Had I only known!)

The course is the first of four to be offered at Hesston College to prepare students to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic selection and training evaluations, or ATSAT. The program is limited to people who are 28 years old and younger, since students must enter the FAA program before their 31st birthday. (I’m too old!)

Students in the program will also earn their private pilots license in addition to taking air traffic control classes. After the courses, students must take the ATSAT in order to be admitted into the FAA’s program in Oklahoma City as a trainee.