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Six wise to pull back from sign fight

Attorney General Steve Six was prudent in declining to devote additional state resources to defending a 2006 law placing limits on the size and content of signs for sexually oriented businesses along highways. Similar laws have been struck down in at least three states, including Missouri, making Kansas' law a long shot as well. "It would be fiscally irresponsible to continue litigation that has very little chance of success," Six said in a statement. "This agreement avoids unnecessary litigation costs and prevents taxpayers from being on the hook for the plaintiff's attorney's fees." The attorney for the Lion's Den Adult Superstore, which is along I-70 in Abilene and brought the federal lawsuit, estimated Six's decision will save taxpayers $150,000. Legislators behind this attempt to curb adult businesses' signs — even when, as in this case, they contain words and no pictures — should think twice before trying again next session. Even such businesses are entitled to the broad protections of the First Amendment.