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When the Kansas wind is a good thing

I smiled last week when the meteorologist hired to provide on-site forecasts for golf tournaments on the Nationwide Tour pointed out that the strong southerly winds that would buffet the tournament at Crestview were a good thing because they would make the hot days more bearable.

It brought back memories for this farm boy of many hot summer days during which we were grateful for any breeze at all.

Locals love to gripe about the Kansas wind, because it is so strong and so persistent. But that wind makes the dog days of summer bearable for farmers, construction workers, roofers and others who spend extended periods outdoors.

And ask Wichita city officials how grateful they were for a hearty breeze when remarkably still conditions early this spring contributed to the city exceeding EPA limits on ozone levels.

I have a tendency to roll my eyes when I hear sportscasters talking about a “strong” wind affecting a football game or golf tournament - and then say it’s blowing at 10 mph.

In Kansas, that’s merely the wind clearing its throat.