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Pixel Time to open at CityArts

WICHITA — The growing number of events downtown is actually attracting businesses, too.

Skyler Lovelace is moving her company, Pixel Time, to CityArts in part because she wants to be where she perceives the excitement to be.

"I wanted to be downtown so bad I could taste it," Lovelace says.

Her business, which is teaching families how to maximize and have more fun with their computers, had been on 29th Street near Rock Road.

Lovelace says she often found herself stuck at her office around the time things like Final Friday events were starting downtown.

When she moved the bulk of her office into her new space on July 31st, it was the same night of the All-America City block party in Old Town Square where CityArts also is located.

"We were pretending it was like welcoming us to the square," Lovelace says, laughing.

Classes won't start in the new space until Sept. 12.

Lovelace, who also is the lead instructor for digital media at Butler Community College, says she wants her classes to complement other things CityArts offers.

She says her agreement there is almost like she's a guest artist.

"What's different about me is I brought a lot more equipment than would a typical artist."